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Two weeks ago I was introduced to Splendor while visiting Game Theory during their “Board Game Night with Delia“. Amanda and I immediately fell in love with the game! It fits that perfect sweet spot of simple to learn with infinite strategy depth. The game itself comes in a box very similar to a cereal box. I like to travel with my games which means either creating new boxes or improving the insert. Splendor includes a very small number of components that I knew could fit in a smaller space.

While browsing the internet I discovered Kabong’s brilliant 3D printed box that he is sharing for free with the world. I couldn’t find a 3D printer in the area to make the box for under $100, which inspired me to make my own box out of cardboard. Using my knowledge as a graphic designer I created a pattern that anyone can cut out of cardboard and paper to make their own. I’m currently waiting for Board Game Geek to approve my file. Until then you are free to download and print from my blog!

This was measured to print on 11×17 in. sheets of paper. You can tile it onto normal sheets of paper, just make sure you include enough overlap so you can tape it together.

Once you print the files, temporarily glue or tape the patterns to 1/8″ thick cardboard. Score with a “Bone Folder” and cut with a X-Acto blade. I used masking tape to hold my box and lid together.

Drop in the chip platform, add the card barrier and tape in place. Then cut a paper towel roll tube in half and measure to fit inside to support the gems. I put a strip of cardboard between the two tube-halves to help support them. Artwork is optional! You might like the cardboard appearance, I opted to add a little color to mine.

Click here to download the files: Splendor-McClay

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