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Sunday February 17th I ran the first Pokemon X and Y Video Game tournament at the Morrisville Pokemon League in NC. This was a unofficial tournament. Normally prizes for the video game are trading cards for a game that the players don’t play. I wanted to organize a event where everyone pitched in a small amount of money and the top 4 received payouts.

Registration began at 1pm and went on until 1:50pm. Each player filled out a registration sheet that listed the what Pokemon would be used, it’s stats, held item and it’s level. I registered everyone using a spreadsheet I made and then entered their names in the MtG Swiss app on my iPhone. Each match was initiated by me having the opponents raise their hands after I called their name. They would then pick a place to sit and would play the best of 3 games using the official VGC tournament rules. This includes only Pokemon found in the Kalos Pokedex, Pokemon over level 50 are leveled down to 50, no duplicate Pokes or items, no Xerneas Yveltal or Mewtwo, double battles with flat rules.

The tournament ended at 4pm with Ben Thompson as the champion and a $26 prize. 2nd went to Dylan Keeler with a payout of $13. 3rd went to Franklin Hamilton and 4th went to Cameron Horton who both won $6.50.

The tournament was a total success! I gave some small prizes randomly to players at the lower level and gave last place a small Pokemon Center plush of Virizion. I want to always award the bottom player something for getting beat up the most. My thinking is that you have to give that person a reason to keep trying. It was a great time and I am looking forward to planning more in the future.

I absolutely MUST thank Phil Matthews for being my Judge! It was so helpful to have someone who wasn’t playing that could look at a team and tell that player if they needed to make changes. I also want to thank David Griggs for sending me the registration sheets and helping me brainstorm how to run this tournament.

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