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Spacer made of CardboardSpacer made of Cardboard
400 Count Box400 Count Box
The GameThe Game
  • Spacer made of Cardboard
  • Dividers
  • Upgrade
  • 400 Count Box
  • Sleeves
  • The Game

Whenever I went to Cons they had different rooms for gaming and I never understood the appeal to board games. I hate Monopoly and Scrabble so how could these other games be so good. While at Emerald City Comic Con (ECCC) I talked to a lot of people about games they love. Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, Cthulhu, Munchkin and Last Night On Earth were all names I heard. During Will Wheaton’s panel at ECCC he mentioned doing a show on youtube called Table Top where he would play different games with his friends and other stars and they would review the games. He mentioned Settlers of Catan, there was a lot of shouts. When he said Munchkin, there was a HUMONGOUS roar and I took note. “This game must be amazing” was my thought. At Sakura Con the following weekend I bought Munchkin Deluxe which is a TRULY amazing and fun game!

My thirst for alternative games was driving me to look for something new and I decided to check out the Resident Evil Deck Building Game. Now when I think about card games, I quickly remember my first experience playing a collectible card game (CCG). It was the original Star Wars CCG and I bought a starter deck. After learning the rules and playing against myself I went to a local game shop where I found a stranger to play. I was so excited to pull out a Tatooine land card and applying soldiers to it when the guy I was playing brought out the freaking Death Star and began DESTROYING my planets…needless to say, I stopped playing those games until Pokemon came out.

Either way, I learned that I did not possess the skills for building a deck and I didn’t like playing against people who spent $200+ on card games…enter the world of Deck Building Games! In one box you have all the cards you will ever need. All the players start off with the same basic hand and you slowly add cards to your deck to learn the process.

Resident Evil has been a strange franchise that has seen some pretty low lows…I was nervous about a card game. After all, how could Bandai get involved with a Card Game and it not suck? It’s Resident Evil! The movies have NOTHING to do with the games…and the current games don’t even seem like they are connected with the originals.

I’m not going to spend a lot of time talking about the game, but it is AMAZING! Make sure you check it out! For about $25 you get everything you need to have fun with 1-4 players!

The downside? The box it comes in has a horrible plastic insert for keeping your cards organized. If you plan on putting your cards in sleeves then you are also out of luck…so I found this post and got inspired!

The staff at Card Kingdom (a MUST SEE gaming hub in Seattle) recommended KMC Sleeves. After making my purchase I got started at one of the nearby tables.

Step One: cut the tops from the 400 count card boxes.

Step Two: replace the plastic tray with the boxes.

Step Three: Make dividers using cardboard or in my case, old cereal boxes (I recommend the cardboard, it stands out better).

Step Four: Sleeve Cards

Step Five: Make Cardboard boxes to fill in the large gaps, but leave enough room to sort through the cards when the side is full.

That’s all it takes to make a stellar box that has been modded! Another perk of this mod is that the cardboard boxes make the outer box much sturdier!

Note: there is enough room for the rule book as long as your dividers aren’t too tall.


The Game


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