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I’ve learned that there are no absolute black and whites. Regardless of your position on how “perfect” the Bible is, if you truly dedicate your life to the study of it’s mysteries you will find that there deliberate examples that prevent you from forming black and white labels for things. This has been lost in my land and must be reclaimed.

I dream of a faith where we are not looking to make a career out of following God, one filled with incomes, bonuses and larger facilities. I dream of a faith where we are able to surrender what we own and recognize that they are gifts from the creator and recognize that no one was created unequal. We as men created those differences and as Christians we should war against the programs and belief systems that maintain these differences for we should be a people that are practicing for the age to come. Yes we are broken, but it doesn’t mean we can’t work towards the way things were meant to be. After all, there really is no other reason to waste your time in this existence. If we truly loved one another as we loved ourselves a ancient and mysterious truth of beauty would be revealed.


I dream of a faith where we share our excess with each other so we can share lives of equality, simplicity and celebration. This is the heart of tithing. Not building gigantic idols and continuing to separate ourselves from God so we can pay others to tell us what God is saying. Yeshua truly desired a people who would live in communication with the father. It is a damn shame that we have rejected this truth for a cheaper faith. The king has always desired to interact with his people and even the Israelites rejected this model because they were too scared.

I have learned to reject anyone that believes that they “know the way” to live this faith. We are all but fools on a journey like ants trying to figure out how a microwave works (thank you for the beautiful metaphor Charlie). We will never truly know anything, but we can work together and dream of a better tomorrow. Beware of people claiming to have the answer. Many will say community is the answer, many will say pentecostalism is the way, many will say that home churches are the way. These answers are all lies from people who are far too arrogant to recognize their own failures. The truth is that pieces of all of these are necessary. But that short list of three is not complete. In our culture we want to live lives of comfort while buying books from people who claim to have it all figured out. Truthfully we don’t have anything figured out. As I type this I want to remind you that I don’t know anything. I am a fool on a long, winding and divided road. But at each branch I want to sit silently listening for the eternal one to whisper the delicate truths that we so easily overlook.

We don’t need to live our lives looking for brilliant snippets that are under 140 characters that we can share with our friends. We can live for conversations and silence of wisdom that don’t belong in the digital medium.

May we be a people who war against zionism, may we be a people who rebel against the lies we have known since birth, may we pursue life as close to the kingdom as we can get before we truly meet the creator. May we dismantle the idols in our lives and be willing to publicly set them on fire as tears of repentance roll down our faces while others think we are fools. May we live into our destiny as a strange people in a strange land where we seek to love each other as we would love ourselves. May we hear the whisper of the Creator and his Son while we sit on our hands and knees in silence.

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