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Experiment #1 Recently I have been working on living a somewhat silly experiment in simplicity. I saw an ad for a type of underwear that said you could travel the globe for 6 months with one pair…I wanted to know about this. My experiment? Spend 2 weeks living with 2 changes of clothes. 2 pairs of Pants, 2 pairs of Socks, 2 Pairs of Undies, 2 shirts and 2 jackets (it’s getting cold in Seattle!). The motivation came from Mark’s book and the stories from Matthew 10 and Luke 10 (check out youversion.com).

The way to have clean clothing each day is to wash your clothes by hand in a sink each night (or every other night).  This uses less electricity then a laundry machine and wastes less water! The trick to drying your clothing overnight is to lay your wet clothes on top of a towel, roll it up into a burrito and then walk over it to get the extra water out. Then hang your clothes on a clothesline! For soap I have  a bar of laundry soap. It’s been a interesting process and it’s nice to not worry about what I am going to wear each day.

Experiment #2 includes working towards developing a faith community here in Seattle. If you know me then you know I have asked a lot of difficult questions about how we practice the ways of Jesus here in the US primarily in regards to the institutions (and mega institutions) across this land. Now that I have spent a significant time studying Jesus and the early Church (not to say that I know anything…) I’m interested in developing these ideas into something and leaving the land of “thoughts”. Luckily I have found a few others in Seattle experiencing those ideas who haven’t found a gathering yet, and we have begun sharing meals together. I’m very excited about the future…

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