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Living in Seattle has been nothing short of a blessing! At the moment I am standing at my desk typing this update listening to the newest Comeback Kid Record (which I HIGHLY recommend). Currently I am living in the Wallingford neighborhood in a house with six other guys. Sometime after Christmas this house will be knocked down and I will have to look for a new place to live. Possible neighborhoods include, Capitol Hill (large LBGTQ/Hipster Population), Georgetown (interesting developing blue-collar neighborhood), Fremont (very close to where I am now and a very odd place…), & First Hill (near downtown). Those links are fun if you have the time.

I’ve finished reading Mark Scandrette’s Practicing the Ways of Jesus which is a phenomenal read if you recognize the Church as your identity and life versus somewhere you attend one hour of the week.

The idea of Community Dinner lives on right here in Seattle. If you click the link you can see their giant dream for the future.
Currently I am working on three experiments at the moment and I will make separate posts for them.
Note: there’s a lot of space in this room, but Seattle isn’t known for having affordable space, so I went with a very simple layout since I don’t know where I will be next…

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