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In an age where there are countless books and articles about how my generation of 20-somethings are evaporating from Faith Communities, I had a thought. Do these 20 somethings hate church, God, Jesus etc. or are they just tired of being lectured to or rather, talked at? I’ve started organizing potluck meals around the local college in my city started by a core of unique individuals who are willing to engage in a experiment that feels quite different from their normal faith gatherings. We meet and invite our friends and neighbors we know and hope to wake people up to how short their lives are and to invite them to live the lives they were created for. Sometimes we engage in conversations that are deep, and sometimes we just play games where we get to know one another.

One clip that was removed from the video was about how there are more 20 somethings at our dinners then there are at most faith gatherings on a sunday anywhere in this city, and we are more culturally balanced then any of the gatherings I have seen (since Sundays are typically the most segregated hours of the week in our country, one great quote from the late Dr. King). Hopefully that statement won’t look like pride, I didn’t intend for it to read as pride it’s just something that I am conscious of. It’s very interesting what has taken place. We have seen people ranging from people of our faith, to people that don’t want to discuss God, but all have answered the question “What have you learned most from in your life”. They answered with such depth, one person explained how a friend died in a car wreck and they realized, life is short and it is so important what you do with the cards you have been given. We are slowly coming alongside people who don’t know what to think of eternity and God, and are introducing them to the idea of living intentionally and living for something more than a dollar. It’s beautiful and I am encouraged. We have seen people who had only a few friends in town become welcomed into our group and even attend some of the different faith gatherings that we attend. There are stoners, dealers, alcoholics and promiscuous people, but we have chosen to see the spirit of the creator within them, rather then seeing their brokenness. We have chosen to love rather then judge.

One of my favorite stories comes from my friend, who will remain nameless, that grew up in a family with mostly adopted siblings who ended up being neglected by her parents. She described how she rarely ate meals at a table with her family, and it is so different to meet weekly to sit with people at a table to eat and share stories with, now the group has become her family. One guy lost a job recently and we were able to help him pay his rent until he got a paycheck for his next job…the stories go on and on and it is hard to just pick a few…

You can learn more about the dinners at http://facebook.com/CommunityDinner or at http://www.WooSpringbreak.com/calendar.html

2 Responses to “Community Dinner 2010”

  1. Ashley
    8 June 2011 at 4:32 pm #

    love. this. video! wish i had this type of community that you all have together. What a beautiful reflection of what God has in mind for all of us :) that’s a thought.

  2. jon_meadowbrook
    10 June 2011 at 3:58 pm #

    So glad you are still in touch Ashley! Are you still in VA? It would be great to catch up!

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