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Double Dip Recession, that’s a phrase that gets me excited for ice cream, however the truth isn’t nearly as delicious. Our American economy has seen a fall and things appear to be working themselves out as is the norm. CNN has a great description of a “double dip” on their Money site, “the term refers to a recession followed by a short-lived recovery that then slides back into a second recession.” Definitely not something positive, or decorated with colorful sprinkles. I was reading about this possibility in one of my father’s financial magazines.

One major problem for our country is unemployment. Basically X number of jobs were lost during the recession and only about half of those were filled. There just isn’t enough opportunity in America to employ all those peoples. Recently I was watching a pretty inappropriate episode of 30 Rock which airs on NBC. I will ask you as the reader to view the following clip with an eye looking for the metaphor.

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The CEO Jack, is challenging the new owners of his network who are excited about the possibility of not creating or innovating anymore because they have pornographic channels and only have to pay others for their content. Jack is a business man with an eye for the future. The idea of not creating causes his mind to short circuit. Hopefully you can appreciate the low brow humor of the video in order to catch the point. As a consumer, all of the things I desire to purchase are manufactured from other countries. We don’t even need to mention the countless documentaries about our growing food crisis (please note Food Inc. though) to know that even our food is being manufactured all over the planet.

To my small perspective and uninformed mind, it appears that we dream products here in America and then pay other countries to manufacture these things. From there we freak out that we don’t have jobs. What happened to the days of the past where we manufactured what we used in our own country? What happened to the days where we grew our own food in gardens and local farms? If you don’t know it already, you can find farmers markets (localharvest.org) with locally grown produce and meats that have roamed free, grew up without hormones and even ate such basic things as grass!

As a country it would appear that our attention to global relations and partnerships has led to the suffering of our own people who are looking for jobs and trying to provide for their families. Is it possible to imagine a world where the center of our country is used to manufacture the tools, gizmos and equipment that we desire? It breaks my heart to say, but it’s possible this will never happen. The cost of living would increase and you as a consumer would not have quite as much savings, but you would live with pride knowing that as a country, we are chasing sustainability rather then cheap plastic toys that are made with lead paint that kill our children or pet food that kills our small furry friends.

There are projects all over our country where people are growing food in their cities, on their roofs and in community gardens. There are chickens in urban back yards and people who live in rural areas are raising their own cows. We have been in such a industrialized state that the pendulum is swinging back and we are slowly simplifying such basic things as food.

Can we dream of a future, where are children are employing their neighbors to build their products instead of hiring small hands in other lands for a cheap price? Can we dream of a place where our own food grows in the same state or city as the consumer and fossil fuels are not burned transporting it from across the globe out of season? Can we dream of sustainability together so that our economy can blossom and take pride in our simplicity rather then pursuing over-abundance that reflects a healthy person who steals a morsel of food from a starving child out of sheer greed. For the good of our future, for the love of our children, will you dream with me? There is no better time then now to put your phone down 30% more and close your laptop. Meet the neighbors living beside you. Share a meal. Maybe you can begin changing our world and economy by just smiling as people pass you instead of looking at the ground ahead.

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