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roofI have been living in Camden for three weeks officially and I have to say, it is a difficult transition. This photo is from the roof that I sit on and read. Right across the street is the liquor store. Sometimes there are prostitutes here. Most of the time the drug dealers are on the corner. I hear a lot of shouting throughout the day. Mostly people sharing trivial information. Sometimes you hear people shout such things as “I WILL F****NG KILL YOU IF YOU DON’T GET OUT OF HERE” “B***H I WILL KILL YOU BEFORE YOU GET ANYWHERE NEAR ME” while their child is playing 15 feet away with a toy airplane.


You can read more by clicking the link!

Camden is rough, but I am really enjoying the company of the people I live with. “Blueberry” is the name of the house where I live and I share that with a married couple, Timothy Cheryl and their one-year-old daughter Lydia, and a young woman named Kristin. We share meals together and clean together. I really like living with other people who are happy to share their lives with different people.

Some of my days include following Chris (he is the guy with the Chickens, he keeps three in his backyard) on some of his jobs and assisting his work while learning about remodeling homes and carpentry. One tip I have is to always have a spare toilet flange if you are going to be changing a toilet from a hold house. We haven’t gotten to pottery yet but we have been involved in a LOT of theological conversations as well as readings. Here are some quotes that I am holding onto:

“What we do when we educate kids to be happy and self-fulfilled is to absolutely ruin them. Parents should say to their kids, ‘What you want out of life is not happiness, but to be pat of a worthy adventure. You want to have something worth dying for.’ It’s awful when all we have to live for is ourselves; that what the Gospel reveals to us. -The Hauerwas Reader p. 529

(On Christmas) “Remember when you got a chemistry set rather then a bicycle and you thought, ‘I hate this thing.’ But one wintry day you started playing with the chemistry set and discovered that it was really interesting. Suddenly you were trained to have wants you didn’t know you should have. That’s what Christianity is all about. It’s an adventure we didn’t know we wanted to be on.” p.531

“Any religion that doesn’t tell you what to do with you pots and pans and genitals can’t be interesting” -Chuck Primus

If you know me, then you know that last quote is something that would engage my mind hahaha.
I have also been attending Mass with Chris, Cassie (Chris’s wife) and Kristin each Sunday. The Catholic faith is interesting and quite different from anything I have experienced. We go to the Sacred Heart Parish right by my house. The people there are very friendly.
While here I have gotten to watch be a part of Chris’s life while he prepares to be a father. Some of his friends got together to have a Father Blessing where I met some new friends including another author that I appreciate. I’ve gotten to build some picture frames, have eaten “Water-Ice” and even celebrated the first birthday of Lydia.
I’m having difficulties adjusting to a loneliness where I am not in a safe place and don’t have a close network of friends. It’s also hard since my housemates have lives of their own. I don’t think there is much more to add to this…so I’ll just cut it off.

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  1. Sarah M'Fugg Kellner
    4 July 2010 at 9:35 pm #

    Camden does sound pretty rough, dude!

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