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img_4782So recently I got hooked on Nerf Guns…I just added the Recon to my arsenal (look, I’m a huge fan of Metal Gear Solid and this gun looks just like Solid Snake’s SOCOM USP). So what’s a guy to do with a lot of cardboard, duct tape and free time before I start my new job? Build a holster. Also one of my favorite things to do in Call of Duty is sneak up behind people and knife them. The target $1 pirate swords look like a great opportunity to make a foam tactical knife…next…a sheath for that. Enjoy the pictures:


There are more pictures and notes after the break

I made these out of duct tape and cardboard exclusively. The holster has two pockets so I can have 3 clips available all the time. The knife is meant to sit on my ankle. Oh it’s also worth noting that I left a hole in the bottom of the holster so I can shoot a dart out if I’m sitting. Think Han Solo when he took out Greedo. I’m a nerd, what of it.





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