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This past weekend my good friend Aaron Johnson traveled with me to Savannah for a weekend visiting friends and riding bikes. I really only thought I was going to know a few people in Savannah anymore but that assumption turned out wrong. I have enclosed a few photographs from our journey…




We left for Savannah Friday May 22 and arrived sometime around 10pm. We ate at Sakura and met up with Tom, Matt & Lee. It was great to meet Lee in person for the first time. Afterwards we headed over to meet up with Zach & Casey before passing out on their floor! Saturday started with a meal at Zunzi’s. Afterwards there was some shopping/catching up with friends while they were working :) Afterwards we assembled a team of unforgettable friends and headed over to meet with Devin & Sarah O’Brien! It was incredibly awesome catching up with them and seeing how fast their baby is growing (Devin, you still need to name your baby JON Conner…I’m just saying, there is no reason your baby shouldn’t be the one to save the world). We had dinner at Mellow Mushroom and continued to catch up all night.

I forgot to mention that we rode bikes all Friday night. During our ride some guy approached us and asked where Aaron bought his bike. He told him Recycles in Greensboro and the guy laughed and explained how he built the bike! His name was Chris and you can find him in the last large photo. It was completely random and he explained how he was tired of being in Greensboro and had a friend in Savannah he was going to crash with. He had been there for a week already and was looking for people to ride with. He grabbed his bike and we all cruised around. The next day there was a bike race in Savannah and Chris told us how he was going to miss it since his ride was leaving before the race. During our shopping we were in Bicycle Link and one of the mechanics was telling us that Chris’ ride had bailed on him and that he was going to be at the race. Aaron and I shared a glance and we knew we had to find Chris so we could give him a ride. We gave the mechanic my phone number so that if he saw Chris, he could call us. 

After a few hours Chris calls and we set up plans to meet Sunday afternoon to ride back to Greensboro. Saturday involved a lot of good stories, a disgusting home (with an even worse bathroom) and more celebrations with good people. Sunday afternoon we met up with my friends Joelle, Ella and Chealse after meeting up with Chris and fitting his bike into my car. We ate at Clary’s and then journeyed out to the beach so I could see the Eastern coast before leaving for the West. It was nice to be back on the beach.

The trip was phenomenal and it was a lot of fun to help Zach out with his senior final and to catch up with old friends including the elusive Mandee (AHHAHAHAA). Celebration.

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