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I saw the specs on the new Macbook Pros online and compared it to my older model. I wasn’t too impressed but I have to say that the specs are a HUGE difference! This new machine truly feels much lighter and MUCH thinner! IT is wonderful. Also this computer is incredibly fast. Also, the new LED powered display is EPIC! I can’t tell you how bright and crisp the colors are the MOMENT the display lights. It is completely different from the old displays. Also the glass screen and trackpad are wonderful. I was really skeptical about the trackpad but it really is a dream to use.

I am completely stoked to have a machine running at maximum speed and capacity. I am 100% content with this new machine. WOOO

P.S. It also appears that these new machines have user replacable hard drives which is AMAZING! I will be able to keep this machine much longer considering the fact that I can keep upgrading the hard drive. WIth the ram maxed at 4 gigs I am not worried about upgrading that in the future. This computer is a bargain and a blessing!

P.S. tomorrow I am beginning the process on getting my podcast up! More news on this later.

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