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Currently Apple is building and configuring a brand new, custom 2.4 ghz Macbook Pro for me which was free of charge (minus the changes I wanted to make to the set up of the 2.4 ghz machine). This week was particularly good to me because I got an iPhone replacement that allowed me to HEAR the person I was talking to! Woo for new machines and a new phone!

Apple is by far the BEST company I have ever worked with! They were always courteous over the phone (I NEVER recommend wasting your time talking to “Genius” at their stores) and they were always apologetic when I encountered problems. They have always taken responsibility for hardware related problems and in the last four years they have constantly worked to make sure my machines were in working order! I cannot wait for my new machine to arrive and begin loading my last Time Machine backup. 

Note: if you have ever thought about buying a Mac and or have one now BUY THE APPLECARE! It is always worth the money. I have saved over $3,000 in repairs across two machines in the last 4 years by owning Applecare. 

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Recently I sent in my 2 year old Macbook Pro for the 3rd or 4th time in the last 4 or so months (you can tell I keep really good track of time). A few days ago the screen would display a one pixel line in any color that would be duplicated all the way down the screen skipping every other line. What I ended up with was a yellow screen where I could somewhat see my background although it was distorted. It did get pretty interesting. The colors would shift from blue to purple to yellow and would continue shifting for any amount of time. 

This was the second time my computer had displayed the condition. Since I had done so many repairs in such a short period of time Apple decided to stop repairing this computer and to go ahead and send me one of their BRAND NEW Macbook Pros! This was a glorious moment since it wouldn’t cost me a penny! The only down side is that I will have to go close to a week without a machine. After staying on the phone to work that out, I decided to call right back and start talking to someone about my iPhone. I could NEVER hear anything from it when there was any other noise outside. If was anywhere except a silent area, my phone was useless as a phone. I did go to a store to resolve this issue because going without a phone for 3 days is pretty tough.

At my local store the Genius argued with me for 3 solid times that he truly believed that the phone volume was normal. Then after he kept playing with the phone he noticed that it was locking up a lot and wouldn’t make calls. I could not have been happier that my phone picked that moment to get all wonky! He gave me a new replacement phone and the first thing I did was make a call. The phone volume was 3X that of my old phone. This technician must have had DISABLED HEARING to tell me my old phone was comparable to the new one. My volume wasn’t even maxed out and I could hear my girlfriend CLEAR as day through a busy section of the mall. She is always exceptionally quiet so it was amazing to be able to hear her!

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